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Bible Revelation  Chapter 10

In chapter 10 John saw another mighty angel coming down from heaven, wrapped in a cloud, with a rainbow over his head, his face was like the sun, his legs like pillars of fire. Clearly we recognize Jesus, the son of man we visited in chapter 2 before we read about the seven churches where John says, “...his feet were like burnished bronze... and his face was like the sun shining in full strength...”1 And this great angel the son of man, Jesus Christ has “... his right foot on the sea, and his left foot on the land and called out with a loud voice like a lion roaring; and when he called out, the seven thunders sounded....” when John heard the thunders he was about to write it down, but he was told not to. Then the angel said there would be no more delay, the mystery of God would be finished because the things his servants and prophets has told people for thousands of years, will be fulfilled, now not later.

I think these first few verses in chapter 10 : 1-7 can be interpreted by saying, the son of man stands on the earth with his feet standing on the earth and sea, seeing his feet are pillars of fire we can assume fire is dealing with Judgement, seeing often we read fire deals with refining, let your gold be refined to purify as we read in the seventh church “ from me gold refined by fire...”2
and the seven thunders can be, that, seeing seven stands for complete, the whole earth is involved, and seeing there is no longer to be a delay and what the prophets also talked about, all things God promised was happening, judgement, nations judged, all people to give an account of their lives, hell, heaven, new heaven and earth finally all the things that appeared to not happening is suddenly happening.
Happy for the sons of God, but a fearful time for those who rejected God. Therefore, we know ahead of time, what is happening. “...He who has an ear, let him hear what the spirit says...”3

Finally, the rest of chapter 10 we find that John is to take the scroll, eat it and in its mouth it was to be sweet and in the stomach it would become bitter. So he did eat and found it true. Then he was told he was again to prophesy about many peoples, nations, tongues and kings. I assume you can say that some of John's prophesy was to be sweet, that is good news and some of his prophecy will be bitter, that is bad news. We find that is exactly the case.

We note that Revelation chapter 8 and 9 deals with the seventh seal and it covers the trumpets from one to six. Those of you who know your Bible know that what you read is not necessarily in chronological order so that means there can be an overlap in what you read. It also appears that God's the great judgement day does not have to be instant, that is God's judgement, that great judgement day can be over a period of time, as an example allowing for the locusts to be harmed over five months, and allows for time,  things such trumpets to blow, events to happen, and the plagues that we will look at later.
Clearly I am saying that when the lamb opened the seventh seal and there was about an half hour silence this ushers in God's actual judgement starting to happen. A definite period at the end of this present disposition. But this definite period can be days, months and maybe more.

The last woe or the seventh trumpet to blow which we will be discussing in chapter 11 and 12  I believe is talking about the son of man, Jesus Christ. Most commentators think different to what I will say, but I believe that putting together the information in the two chapters, you say to yourself, “Boy, that sounds like we are talking about Jesus's approximate three years about, . maybe three and half years of his ministry.”

Let us look at chapter 11

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1 Revelation 2 : 12-16

2 Revelation 3 : 18

3 The theme in the message from the seven churches in Asia.

Let us first deal with chapter 11

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Bible Revelation  Chapter 10

Chapter10, Bible Revelation you can Understand has the Son of Man, Jesus holding a scroll and there would be no delay. There would be no delay in doing what God has promised, his people and those who reject God, A day of judgement is happening now not later