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Bible Revelation  Chapter 11

The last woe or the seventh trumpet to blow which we will be discussing in chapter 11 and 12  I believe is talking about the son of man, Jesus Christ. Most commentators think different to what I will say, but I believe that putting together the information in the two chapters, you say to yourself, “Boy, that sounds like we are talking about Jesus's approximate three years about, . maybe three and half years of his ministry.”

Chapter 11 deals with the two witnesses that are two olive trees and two lampstands which stands before the lord of the earth. The witnesses are killed, people are gloating about it. But then the witnesses comes back to life, then there are catastrophes and men become terrified.
In discussing  the second Woe it could have started in chapter 9: 13-20 or ended, because as chapter 11: 14 stated the second woe has passed , it need not be part of chapter 11.
The third Woe was soon to happen. The third Woe is judgement day “...and the time for the dead to be judged, for rewarding your servants and prophets and saints, and those who fear your name, both small and great, and for destroying the destroyers of the earth. Now in chapter 12 when we come to it, it appears that we are dealing with Mary, Jesus birth and Satan's attempt to destroy the child Jesus Christ. This is the overview so now we will discuss the chapter 11 in more detail.

If what I am saying is correct in chapter 11 we can say that John was to measure the temple of God, the altar and those who worship there. I suppose in including measure those who worship, is to see how they worship. Are they worshiping how God wants them to? There are those churches, people, who do worship according to what God wants, but on the other hand there are churches, people, who claim to worship God, but it is obvious they are trying to worship outside of how God wants church, people to worship. The most obvious mistake being made is those churches who allow Homosexual, Lesbian Ministers/Ministries in their church to be in charge of the flock of God. 1 So John was to measure the temple, altar and the worshipers.

John was told, do not measure the court outside of the temple, because is given to the nations and they will trample over the court outside for forty-two months. You can read here that the temple of God and the alter is the place where God's people are worshiping God. As I said earlier, God does like worship, but it has to be according to what he requires, not what mankind, church, people, invents for worship. If you like, outside of God's world, are the nations clearly outside of God' s temple, alter and worshiping. As we know  other nations do not know the God we serve and worship. Most disown God, claim that God did not create the world,2 and they, when they worship a god, a god they do it the way that suits themselves. People have to worship God the way he stipulates. If people do not, and worship the way they want to, God does not recognize their worship. We can talk about the nations in the court outside the temple. Today we have God's people Christians, and we have all the nations around us that do whatever they want, so John has been told to not worry about them. God has already given to us his plan as we see in Revelation and other parts of the Bible.

I can say John has been told that, because God is being gracious to the nations outside of the temple giving them time to repent.3 Probably for us today, we need to go out of the way to tell people in the world, listen to God. Go to your Bible, read it, you will find the Bible stands on its own feet in the area of reliability, in a historic way, and the fact that the Bible is God's own voice to mankind. A gracious God wanting mankind to come to him recognizing him and he has ahead of time tell the world what is happening in the future, right to the end of the world. It makes you wonder why people do not have an ear to hear God's voice.

It is useful to think about the two witnesses. They were given power to prophesy for one thousand two hundred and sixty days, as I have said previously the days are about three half years about the ministry of Jesus on the earth.
The witnesses are clothed in sackcloth, standing for mourning.
We know they are two olive trees and you know olive oil has property of healing and the two lampstands in Revelation talks about life as son of man said, “...repent...If you do not I will come to you and remove your lampstand from its place...”4 We know the lampstands are the seven churches in Asia. 5 So I believe there is healing as the two olive trees indicate and the lampstands represents the churches representing the Christian world.
So there is mourning and healing, I guess by mourning and repenting leads to healing.
As we see today people repent come to Jesus have their sins forgiven are healed in their relationship to God and are in God's kingdom children of God.

Interesting is verse 3, talks about two witnesses and embodied in the two witnesses two olive trees and two lampstands. Why the two? One I believe we are dealing with healing in the physical world and the other spiritual healing. We are dealing with the lampstand the physical Christian world and God's kingdom. “...The first Adam become a living being, the last Adam became a living-giving spirit...” Clearly there are two spheres to consider. “It is not the spiritual which is first, but the physical then the spiritual.”6 So to understand chapter 11 the two witnesses embody the physical and the spiritual.  The witnesses become four and they stand before God. The fact that they stand before God, tells you that we are dealing with God, his plan and mankind.

One area I have not mentioned is that there are two areas to think about. The first is that Jesus ministry was for about three and a half years, then he was crucified and after three days he rose from the dead. Then he went to his Father. Even though Jesus went to heaven he really has not left us because his father sent his Spirit to us at Pentecost.7 So even though Jesus left in the body he said I will not left you desolate I will come to you.8 Think about these words of Jesus as well, “...We will come to you and make our home with them...”9 In a real sense Jesus ministry started when he was baptized by John 10 From that time (about 30 AD) to today (about 2009 AD ) Jesus ministry is still happening with God, Son and the Holy Spirit.

If my first application for chapter 11 is correct, boy, that is an extended statement to set the scene of chapter 11. But I think now we can move forward. We are told that if any person would try to harm the witnesses fire comes from their mouth destroys their enemies and if any one would harm them are destined to be killed , and they have the power to shut the sky so that no rain comes during their prophesy. By deduction we can now say that in spite of what the world thinks, the witnesses have power. So the world people who attack the Christian world are playing a dangerous game because even though in this world we submit under God, it is God who stops the rain, lets pestilence happen, earthquakes, hail, floods and more, such as turning water to blood. The bottom line is, the only thing that matters to God is that mankind should repent. Mankind makes light of the call from  God to repent. It is a terrible mistake  being made.

Think about this statement in Hebrews. If it is valid what the angels said, that all transgression and disobedience will receive recompense. If that is the case, how will we escape if we neglect this great salvation. This salvation was revealed by Jesus Christ then we have been told about it, God confirmed all this by wonders, signs, miracles and then gifts from the Holy Spirit.11 I suppose this paragraph is worth more then all the gold on the earth. Because what will you give for your soul.12 Even though it is clearly articulated in the Bible people ignore the message. Quite amazing. People say I do not know what happens when I die. That thinking is absolute rot. God has told you all you need to know. There is a God. A fool ignores God's warnings. You will be gone, die, what then, once you die it is to late to repent. God tells you that. So, listen and obey the call to repent.

I think there is a second application concerning the witnesses because their witness is one thousand two hundred and sixty days, that is about three and half years and when the witnesses are killed they are dead for three and a half days then come back to life.13 Jesus had a ministry of about three and a half years, he was crucified and rose from the death after three days. That leads me to the period of ministry in the world today from Jesus time to today and future till the end, Jesus return, I discussed previously, now Jesus ministry is clearly olive branch whether it be oil for healing or used for anointing be oil, or the beginning of the Christian ministry, Jesus laid the Christian foundation in his three and a half years, he was, is the lampstand.

The beast in my two application means the beast bas been attacking the Christian world for over two thousand years to now and goodness knows how long in the future, and now it is obvious that even though it was God's plan that Jesus was killed and to be raised the third day, it was Satan's workers who betrayed Jesus and it was Satan's workers who had him killed. So the witnesses were killed and stayed dead for three days, the same as Jesus, who was in the tomb for three days. When the witnesses were dead the world was gloating over their/his death, in the same way, when Jesus was dead those who wanted Jesus dead were happy the deed was done. So the beast thought he was victorious, but after about 3 days God raised the witnesses and they were taken to where God lived. That is exactly what happened to Jesus, he was killed, raised from the dead then he went back to God. The verses in Revelation 11 and verses 7- 13 fits exactly Jesus life.

The verses 15-18 in chapter 11 I think is clear with its application and follows the previous verses in this chapter. So at the end, the great day Judgement day has started to happen and the timing is at the end of the present disposition, the church era. And the Great Day of Judgement appears to be over a period time probably days, months, maybe even longer. A period , but how long cannot be determined, but we can say with the information we have, Judgement is not like a flash of lightning happens and disappears, no, Judgement day is a period of time.

So the third woe is soon to happen. Finally the seventh angel blew his trumpet and there were loud voices in heaven saying, “The kingdom of the earth has become the kingdom of our Lord.14 Obviously Satan has been removed because now the earth belongs to our Lord, Jesus Christ. And he will reign for ever, then the twenty-four elders worshiped God. The Lord has taken over and began to reign, in spite of the nations of the world wanting to have nothing to do with Jesus Christ.

Now remember that one verse does not have to follow the events, because even though verse fifteen states the kingdom of the earth now belongs to the son of God, we have discussed previously, the earth is to be destroyed by fire. We will see in chapter 21 a new heaven and earth. We can say in these verses we are discussing, the earth has become the Lords because he has taken over the earth and judgement is now happening. Let us see if we can put things in order. The son of man has come in the clouds on his glorious throne and every one will see him even those who pierced him.15 and all people cried out as the chapter 11 tells us in verse 18. The nations raged people on the earth I suppose they were angry that their world is about to change and never go back to the happiness, enjoying their goods and self satisfaction of self instead of looking to God which we will discuss in chapter 18 when Babylon is destroyed .
No doubt the people are not in the loop in the beginning, understanding that God's judgement hour was happening. Even though God has given us what is happening before the time.16 The great Judgement a time in history it is happening right in front of their eyes. The judgement of the earth as I said early is over a time, Jesus is about to reign so the earth has become the kingdom of the Lord, so, as chapter 11 of Revelation states in verse 18, the time has come for the dead to be judged, where he rewards his servants and those who fear his name, small and great, and note here in this verse 18, for those who destroy the earth will be destroyed. I am sure verse 19 is simply showing how dramatic the Judgement day is and is a fearful day for those who have rejected Gods salvation.17

We are now moving into chapter 12 and clearly it deals with Mary and the birth of Jesus Christ and the steps Satan did to destroy the child Jesus.

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1 Not to be labeled in a negative way, it is clear in the Bible that Homosexual/Lesbian relationship is not acceptable to God. People are calling God a liar when they say, “God/Jesus accepts Homosexual/Lesbian worship considering the Bible clearly condemns it. I am not going to quote text because all parties have quoted their text and justified their position, in the same way I have. I have simply taken texts as they are meant in the English Bible I use and maybe I use a Lexicon, Hebrew / Greek. I read what I read and use the plain meaning of the words. That is why I say God does not accept some worship from people because it is outside of what he says. I accept others disagree with me, that is fine we live in a free country where we can express other views on a subject. I do not judge people for thinking different to me. People who know me, that from my very heart, I do not judge people when they think different to me.

2 Evolution is the world's paradigm.

3 1 Peter 3 : 9

4 Revelation 2 : 5

5 Revelation 1 :20

6 1 Corinthians 15 : 45- 46

7 Acts chapter 2

8 John 14 : 18

9 John 14 : 23. The we is, God, Jesus, Holy Spirit. Lives inside each of God's people, that is us. The us is those are are truly born again, repented and are in the Kingdom of God..

10 Matthew chapter 3

11 Hebrews 2 : 1-8 Involved here, Angels, God, Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit, Disciples a message for us today.

12 Mark 8 : 37

13 Revelation 11 : 3 and 11. I can use two application valid way because the flood, Noah also represents Baptism and sin. 1 Peter 3 : 20-21

14 It is of significance to use the kingdom of our Lord. Before Satan was the ruler of the earth.

15 Revelation Chapter 1 : 7

16 One of the great reasons for knowing God is alive and active that he tells time and time again, I have told you so that you know that I am the one and only God. All others are false Gods who cannot speak or help people. People are deluded in their minds and imagine in their minds their god is real, but in fact is nothing, a stone, state of mind.

17 Hebrews 2 : 3 how will you escape if you reject God's Salvation given through his son Jesus Christ.

Let us look at chapter 12

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Bible Revelation  Chapter 11

Chapter 11 of Bible Revelation you can undestand John is told to measure the temple where peole worship, but no the ouside of the temple. beast, dead bodies, Sodom Egypt, gaze at their bodies the two witnesses were killed, olice branch and lampstand.