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It is about time for a layman to do a publication about Revelation the last book of the Bible

That lay person must be a Christian. They must know their Bible and have a close walk with Jesus Christ. This person can come from anywhere in Church Denominations or can be outside of Denominations.

The reason I am doing this work is that I am a Christian. I have been a Christian for 49 years. I walked down the isle in the Cricket Ground in Sydney where Billy Graham had his Crusades1 My parents took me and at 11 years of age I walked down the Isle. I still remember that moment where thousands of people came. When the call came I could not refuse the call. My heart and mind propelled me down the isle. I know that it was the Holy Spirit working in my heart. I could not refuse the call and I did not, and thank God for that moment in my life.

I know my Bible and have a sensational walk with Jesus Christ daily every moment of my life. He directs me and teaches me. Each day about 1 AM, I spend about 11/2 hours talking to Jesus and spending time in my Bible. I do a lot of memory work because I find that God's word sits better with me when I put texts into my long memory2

That person must also be skilled to do the work, for that reason God sent me to a Baptist College in Queensland to achieve a Diploma. Also achieved two degrees from Armidale3 University. So I am trained to research and do this publication.

I have stayed away from Revelation for most of my life other then read through it a few times. I have read books on the subject. listened to preachers and attended Bible Studies. But I am not happy with what I read or listened to. I am convinced that Revelation is only opened to a person that God has chosen. I believe that I am such a person.4

One of the reasons that you can believe God is that he has given us a book that we call our Bible. God has given us the beginning of the earth. God created the world5 and he has given us the end of the earth and we will have the new heaven and earth where God will live with his people6 Between the beginning and the end we see God revealing himself and how he operates. He talks about the problem that came up7 Sin entered the world so mankind was cut away from God and then he gave a way to sort out the problem so we could come back to God.

The centre of the Bible is God and Jesus Christ and Israel a nation God brought into being. Israel started with Abraham8 Most of the Bible is about God dealing with Israel. I guess the climax was when the Jews crucified God's Son Jesus Christ9 but Jesus conquered because God raised him from the dead.10 Finally the Jews lost the commission to be a nation11 who would be a light on the earth among the nations.12

Let us now have a look at Revelation.


It tells you right at the beginning what Revelation is about: “It is revealing about Jesus which God gave him to show his servants what is to happen in the future. God sent his angel to John and he has written down what he has seen or heard13

Then you find that chapter 2-3 talks about the 7 Churches of Asia and they talk about us overcoming and being rewarded. We are to be motivated to overcome the world around us because Revelation clearly talks about the rewards in being part of God' Kingdom.14 So Revelation is also encouraging us to endure, or endurance, because of the great promises God has for us.15 One day there is a day coming when all the things God has talked about will happen16

There are 22 chapters and you can talk about the 7 Churches of Asia, the 7 Seals, The 7 Trumpets, 7 Plagues, Creatures, Beasts, Harlot, Babylon and the list can go on. Some clever interpretations have been penned. Theologians have entertained many people in what they think Revelation is about.
I am none of those. I am simply a person who loves Jesus Christ and he has given me insights that make sense. Revelation has been written for you and me to persevere because God is in charge and one day all the injustices will be made right. Those who commit actions contrary to God's will will be called to account. Most of peoples on the earth do not know the God of the Bible, but I am sure God has given us the Bible that outsells any other book on the earth deliberately so that mankind will have no excuse. Go has outlined what he wants us to do and he also shows us what will happen if we disobey him. He tells us before hand what will happen. Exactly as he did for the Jews. The Jews did not obey and suffered the consequences and in he same way if we disregard God, Jesus Christ we are going to be in distress on that great day God has appointed. That day will happen.17.”He is coming with the clouds and every eye will see him, every one who pierced him and all the tribes of the earth will wail on account of him”18
Think about what I have penned here. God in his Bible has told us what is going to happen. We know God is true because he deliberately tells you before hand what is going to happen so that you know that he is.”Alpha and the Omega..who is and who was and who is to come...”19

Let us have a think about the Goal of Revelation

There will be a new heaven and a new earth because the first heaven and earth passed away1 (This one statement causes problems with those Denominations that teach that the old earth is to be renovated God/Jesus and us will be living here, particularly when Peter 3:10 “The heavens will pass away with a loud noise and the elements will be dissolved with fire and the earth and the works that upon it will be burned up” So as God has told us we will see a new heaven and a new earth and we will see the new Jerusalem where God will live and we will be God's people there will be no tears because there will be no death nor will there be mourning crying, pain because these things will have passed away2 A wonderful statement from God.

We know that in the new heaven and earth there will be no curse because only righteousness will exist. “Nothing unclean will enter...only those written in the Lamb's book of life”3
This is the goal of Revelation, the climax when all things promised by God happens and we then live with Jesus Christ for ever and ever.

Before moving into Revelation we need to consider what we think is important to putting Revelation in some of order. Should understand Revelation in the sequence of chapters, that is the first chapter and then the following chapters gives a correct understanding of the book? And when you go into chapters should you keep verses one to the last and this sequence gives you the proper understanding. In my studies at the college I was taught that every word, sentence, paragraph, book has a context, so what you read needs to fit in with that context. I agree with that teaching I received at the college because most of the Bible fits into that paradigm of teaching. But there are exceptions. If you look at Genesis 18 the Lord appeared to Abraham and told Abraham that his wife Sarah will have a child. Now Abraham and Sarah were old, advanced in age So absurd was the promise that in the next spring she would have a child that Sarah laughed4 So in chapter 18 Sarah was old. Now in chapter 20 Abraham went to Neged and in the area was a king called Abimelech. Abraham told Sarah to say she was his sister because he was afraid that he would be killed. Why did Abraham say this in Chapter 20 when in chapter 18 Sarah was old, but obviously here in chapter 20 Abimelech saw something in Sarah to take her to wife.5 You would have a assume Abimelech who was a king would have taken Sarah because she was young and beautiful, certainly not over ninety years of age. One other example I will give you and Jesus said that he was the son of God, the Israelite leaders were upset at his claim. Jesus was claiming Deity. Note how Jesus answered the claim, In the Psalms David said we are all children of God. The contect of this Psalm is not prophetic about diety. A simple statement we are sons of God because God brought us into being.

Note also symbols not real beasts or scopions or bears creatures locusts, mountains of fire falling into the sea etc etc

Now, Revelation has all the different ways we just discussed above, so to understand Revelation you need to know Jesus intimately and you must know your Bible. If people understand Revelation correctly people will be enthused to do their Christian work. Revelation  shows the goal that we are trying to achieve clearly, there is no ambiguity. Now, lets rocket on and discuss Revelation.

Is there a sequence we can follow? Can we track our way to the goal?

The tracking of the revelation is clearly laid out in Revelation and we can find support in other books of the Bible.1

Chapter 1 sets up the rest of the book and is clearly a revelation of Jesus Christ. God appointed John to be the person to receive the revelation about Jesus Christ2 and John is to write to Seven Churches in Asia. Involved in this revelation is God, Jesus Christ and the seven spirits before the throne. Jesus is the focus of the entire book from the first chapter to the last. The first-born of the earth and the ruler of the kings on the earth. Jesus loved us and freed us from sin by shedding his own blood making us priests to his God. Jesus will come in the clouds and every eye will see him and even the people who pierced him and rejected him. Those who reject Jesus will be distressed. These first verses 1-8 are clear in their meaning.

John was on the island of Patmos when a voice said, “Write what you see in a book and give it to the seven churches, Ephesus, Smyrna, Pergamum, Thyatira, Sardis, Philadelphia and Laodicea.

John saw seven golden lampstands and in the middle he saw one like a son of man clothed, robe, girdle, head and hair white, eyes like a flame of fire, his feet like burnished bronzed. The seven stars, we know are the churches angels. The lampstands themselves are the seven churches. I have listed these attributes because we see these attributes again as we go through the rest of the book, which tells us we are dealing with the son of man, Jesus Christ.

The set is now set to discuss the actual revelation.

As you look at the seven churches think about the Christian World as a whole, yourself and your church. Have you moved from what God wanted you to do? Your life could be in order so that you have nothing to change, except keep on your journey with Jesus. Could be you have neglected your Bible. Maybe you have been caught up with some doctrine not in your Bible, maybe immorality. Maybe you deceived yourself into thinking you are on fire, but maybe your fire is dead or wrong as far as Jesus is concerned. Maybe you feel as though you have no power, a non person, maybe your church is not famous in your area. Jesus can be saying to you, you have power and your church has power. How about if you sit on the fence all the time, neither hot or cold on issues. Think about these things as you look at the seven churches in Asia. Jesus, the son of man is talking to you and your church.

Chapter 2 & 3 addresses the seven churches and my premise is that the seven churches discuss Christianity as a whole dealing with different situations that we need to overcome. Jesus, the son of man is walking in the Christianity world and he has given us seven scenarios that we need to think about because we might be talking about ourselves and we need to overcome .3
. If we overcome he gives us wonderful promises.
Bible Revelation  Chapter 1  2 and 3  4  5  6   7  8   9  10  11  12  13  14  15&16 17&18  19 20  21 & 22

1As we travel through Revelation I will address the other books relevant to our discussion.

2It is believed John was the apostle, the son of Zedebee.

3Seven comes up time and time again. Seven stands for complete. So with the seven churches we can positively say that what the seven churches discuss is all we need to know. A complete picture of the Christian world.


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11959 I went with my parents and at 11 years of age I was compelled by the Holy Spirit to go down. A reality.

2Many people find their short memory poor and information is forgotten quickly. I am such a person. My long memory keeps God's word into my mind.

3Go into my personal WEB Site there is a link where you can find more about me.

4Having said this, note, I serve the Lord humbly without pretences.

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