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Bible Revelation Chapter 21&22

I have made this note January 27th 2014 to help.
* Commonsense is a key to Revelation. Remove the magic. Metaphors, Symbols have meaning.
* The Bible is about, God, Jesus, Holy Spirit and his people. You, if you follow Jesus.
* There are warnings for mankind and people can heed the warnings or not.
* People, Heavens, Earth the visible world we see will be gone.
* What is left is what these two chapters are talking about.
* Statistics show  these chapters have more visitors then other chapters of Revelation.
* I recommend you get to know your Bible backwoods.
* If you are in a Church be a dynamo in your Church. Serving Jesus Christ.
* To have power as a Christian spent time with Jesus every day. In your Church you will be putting power into your church as you do what Jesus wants you to do.
* I have been putting my Diaries up for you to see for a purpose. 
* Jesus, God, Holy Spirit is alive and working in the world today and in your life.
Run the race in the power of the living God and he will help you, look after you and take you home.



To set the scene for Bible Revelation chapter 21 we see the new heaven and the new earth. John saw the new heaven and earth coming out of the heavens. When is this going to happen? Once again we can speculate because Revelation is not in chronological order. Some writers do say Bible Revelation is one chapter after another, but I believe that is clearly wrong because in chapter 19 we see the Harlot Judged, the marriage of the lamb has come, then we see the white horse Jesus judging and makes war, then we see Jesus enemies destroyed. Then Revelation Bible chapter 20 talks about the great battle which has happened in chapter 19: 17- 21. Others chapters we discussed earlier are clearly not in chapter order and even in the chapters verses are not to follow one after another.

The point I am making is that chapter Revelation 21 could be any time considering every thing was finished before the foundation of the World, and Jesus said in John 14 I am preparing a place for you...there are places to live.... Clearly at that point of time Jesus did not need to build anything.  In our Bible, we simply have a picture of history unfolding and Jesus came at the end of history. So from Jesus to now, and the future,  can be overlapping in what we read in Revelation, which is what has happened. When we open Revelation's history it is a picture of what has and will happen. To try to give time lines really destroys the message of Revelation because so much is not to be taken literal and in any order, but what we read has and will happen.

Think about this in Hebrews 12: 22-23, "...But you are come to Mount Zion and the city of the living God, the heavenly Jerusalem , and to the innumerable angels...and to the assembly of the first-born who are enrolled in heaven..." You could be saying, "This could be Revelation chapter 22 because I'm sure there will not be a second Zion or Jerusalem.  So Hendrik you could be right."

       So the new heaven and the new earth, the new Jerusalem, Zion could be in place anytime in history, yesterday, today and tomorrow. It is even possible that as we die we could be in the New Heaven and Earth because we meet Jesus when we leave the planet that was our home. So we could be walking in paradise because we know when we meet Jesus, there are no tears, crying, mourning, death, that is in place immediately when we close out eyes in this world. Clearly I am speculating and you will make your own mind.

Try to remind yourself what Jesus said to Martha in John 11 concerning Lazarus who had died.  Martha said to Jesus, she will see Lazarus at the resurrection. Martha thought in the future. But Jesus said, I am the resurrection, though you die you will live, if you believe in me, you will never see death.

Those who talk about the resurrection and the churches who talk about the resurrection even today,  means that the resurrection people are waiting for the future resurrection.

Saying, Christians are asleep until the resurrection could be incorrect,  according to Jesus' point to Martha,   because, Jesus is the resurrection  so,  we who are Christians, that  come to Jesus and have repented are in the kingdom of God,  could on dying and we leave this earth, can be immediately in the new world God has promised. We could be walking the streets of gold and being with Jesus Christ. What a wonderful thought to know that you are with Jesus now and as soon as you die you will be walking, talking to Jesus.

That thought I am sure will motivate, make you extremely keen to serve Jesus Christ.
I think what I am saying does make sense. What about you? 
I am speculating for sure.

But we do know:
Revelation 21, we see the fulfilling a the great promise which is:

John saw a new heaven and a new earth because the first earth had passed away and the sea was no more. Clearly these words in verse 1 tells you the old earth is gone and the sea no longer exist and there is a new heaven and earth. Previous areas I have shown other texts that show the world is to blow up literally with a noise and dissolved. So we are talking about all things new. To make the point a little clearer, the old earth really is a ball with fire inside and has a limit time it will not last forever, even the sun will die eventually, The universe is expanding and one day it will go the other direction so we know our worlds life is limited in years.

The new world will last for ever, this new heaven and the earth is God's prophecy, Jesus said, “It is easier for the earth to pass away then for a single Jot, if you like not even a dot will be missing, because everything God has said will happen and this great event is given to us to encourage us, to put up with the trials, to be strong, to become absolutely committed to Jesus Christ because you will walk in the new world, you will walk the streets where God will live, where righteousness is the norm, where you will see Jesus because he will be with you. You will see the people and the multitudes who have become a child of God. A wonderful place.

So the cry went out “Behold the dwelling of God is with people. He will dwell with them, he will wipe away every tear from their eyes, and death shall be no more, neither shall there be mourning, nor crying, nor pain any more, for the former things have passed away.”1 We can go back to Isaiah about 700 BC that is 2700 years (approx) ago God has said “He will swallow up death for ever, and the Lord will wipe away tears from all faces and the reproach of his people...”2 God has spoken

and now we hear the words of Jesus himself.3 he who sat upon the throne, “Behold, I make all things new” He also said, “Write this for these words are trustworthy and true.”4 It interesting that Jesus had to add this is what I have said, and then to add depth to the statement to say look, ”These things I have told you is true and trustworthy so will happen.” God himself in making a statement to Abraham did it in two indisputable ways, he said it, then he made an oath.5 For us off course ,we are often dealing with people who do not do what they say. God and Jesus knew this. God , Jesus has a track record of never not doing what he says. So what we read in Revelation is as good as done as far as God is concerned and we should have the same attitude being keen, anticipating the things are going to happen and always warn people unless they turn to God, doom is heading in their direction.

The next few words from Jesus show that when Jesus is speaking, God is also speaking because Jesus thoughts and God's thoughts are the same because Jesus is a reflection of God the very stamp of God's nature, so when Jesus speaks, so does God. 6 Are not these wonderful words here in Revelation 21: 6-7

“It is done! I am the Alpha and the Omega

the beginning and the end. To the thirsty

I will give from the fountain of the

waters of life, without payment. He

who conquers shall have this heritage,

and I will he his God and he will be my son..”
             the most amazing statement from our God and Saviour Jesus Christ.
                    I hope you appreciate these words. I sure do.

What about these words,

But as for the cowardly, the faithless

the polluted, as for the murderers, fornication,

sorcerers, idolaters, and all liars, their lot

shall be in the lake that burns with fire

and sulphur, which is the second death.
                         There we have from God, Jesus. 
                  Either we choose life or death, the choice is yours.

Now from Revelation 21 : 9- 21 we have a picture of the new Jerusalem, walls, width, depth and embedded in this wonderful city the twelve sons of Israel and the twelve disciples. If you wish to picture this city, think about every precious stone, think about the most amazing glimmering in the distance a city that reflects the very nature of God in its purity and its city of the precious stones absolute purity to show the stones radiance. So the city struck a person in awe wondering how such a city could exist. It can exist because God has given his people a city to live. Jesus said, “In my fathers house there are many places to live. If it was not so I would tell you.”7 and sin does not exist so a world without sin where righteousness reigns. So the city is beyond our imagination till we actually see it in the new heaven and earth.

Now here you are in the new city and you will find, there is no temple because its temple is the Lord God Almighty. There will be no sun or moon. because the glory of God is its light, and its lamp is the lamb. The nations, the kings of the earth will bring their glory into it. Its gates will never shut, there will be no night.8 But a point is clearly made, nothing unclean shall enter it...only those written in the book of life.

God has clearly told mankind you can be in the new city and live with Jesus Christ.  You have a choice to make. You choose damnation in the lake of fire, or be in paradise. Unfortunately we know most people do not believe God's message or the words of Jesus. An unfortunate situation, but that is life. Christians such as me and others will continue to preach the words of life until we leave leave the planet which can be any time. Be ready and listen to the message of Revelation it is designed to encourage you, motivate you. And to bring people into the kingdom of God. The future event you probably thought to yourself would never happen. It will happen right in front of your eyes, you will be, either full of happiness, or will be in a state of despair when you realize God, Jesus is alive and what he said in the thousands of years ago is happening. I hope you are not weeping, gnarling, bitter. I do hope you listen to what is written here. Millions of Christians are in the kingdom of God, full of peace and happiness. you can be as well.

In Revelation 22 we are in the new heaven new earth. The picture here, river of the water of life, either side of the river, we have tree of life, twelve kinds of fruit,  leaves of the trees for the healing of the nations. And nothing accursed will exist, but will see the throne of God and of the Lamb shall be in it, his servants will worship him, they shall see his face, and his name shall be on their foreheads. Night will be no more they need no light of lamp or sun, for the Lord God will be their light and shall reign for ever and ever.
                      Our imagination will come up with a place where God, Jesus and us Christians  live. Needless to say, our picture probably completely wrong because of symbolism. The clue is the statement that his name shall be on their foreheads. As we discussed in earlier chapters there is not an actual mark on the head. So here in Revelation 22: 4 to say name shall be on their foreheads could simply saying that you belong to God. God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit is in you. In the same way we know that if you do not have the mark of God you are not a Christian but you have the mark of the beast.
                      What we do know, is that paradise, the new heaven and the new earth and Zion, Jerusalem, will be better then out minds can imagine. A wonderful place to live with other Christians and our God and Saviour Jesus Christ.

It is fitting that after discussing seven churches of Asia, seven seals, seven trumpets, seven plagues, Harlot judged, Babylon fallen, then the end the great battle between God and Satan and the final victory of God and then all men judged according to what they did on the earth, then the new heaven and earth.

Mankind, people have a choice to make.
These words are trustworthy and true.
Jesus the son of man, God has told us, you, me what is going to happen or happening or happened.
Jesus says. I am coming soon.

Do not seal up the words of Revelation because there is time to know and listen to what is happening.

So, people will do what ever they do, some do good, some will be Christians, some will do evil in other words, life will keep going on.

But then Jesus will come again , soon, and what has been, will no longer stay in place. We can know what is going to happen when we  read the Bible Revelation from chapter 1, (one ) to twenty 22,  (two).

Blessed are those who repent and come to Jesus. Those who do not repent are going to be outside of the new heaven and new earth, Jerusalem, Zion.

Jesus says, "Come" To come is no charge, price. If you are thirsty come if you desire to come come, the water of life has no price, you can simply come.

God, Jesus, the son of man does warn people who take out his words on Revelation or add to Revelation will have the plagues written in this book.

Jesus said, "Surely I am coming soon" Do come, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Bible  Revelation  Chapter 1   2 & 3   4  5   7   8  9  10  11 12  13 14  15 & 16  17 & 18  19   20  21 & 22

1 Revelation 21 :1-4

2 Isaiah 25 : 8

3 Those who say Jesus is God make sure you read my publication, because Jesus is Jesus and God is God

4 Revelation 21 :5.

5 Hebrews 6 13-17 God and Jesus knew we are people who say. But do not do what we say. So God has added weight to his words by and oath and Jesus said my words are true and trustworthy.

6 Hebrews 1: 3

7 John 14 : 2

8 Revelation 21 : 22-26


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Bible Revelation Chapter 21 & 22 New Heaven, New Earth, no tears no death, no mourning, no weeping. All things are new through God Jesus Christ, the Lamb who was slain for us. water of life, tree of life  twelve kinds of fruit. Do come to Jesus, and be part of the new heaven and earth.